Have you been checking out the music festival calendar for your area every now and then?

Think you know everything about music festivals when you finish checking out the calendar? You will be shocked while witnessing a lot of stuff at the hindsight. There are numerous practical and logistical difficulties associated with attending a camping festival. You can’t carry the luxury of your home when you travel. From travelling light to carrying first aid essentials there are a lot of guidelines. Here is a list of items which you must carry to next music festival.


Don’t hesitate to flaunt your dork quotient in a music festival. It is all about using tech to have the best experience in such grand event. Having a flashlight strapped on your head will prove convenient. They are very useful during nighttime. It helps in making beds, mixing drinks and more.

First Aid Kit:

Music festivals need to mandatorily have first aid kit at disposal. They need to always have an ambulance on call. Nevertheless, asking and getting items from the organizers can be some hassle. Carrying a first aid kit along with you, can save you significant trouble.

Baby Wipes:

Though its intended purposes are for babies, it can be an effective product to keep you fresh. You can go a few days without shower with baby wipes.

Toilet Paper:

A season festivitarian knows the importance of carrying toilet paper. Music festivals tend to run out of toilet paper. The ones they provide are the cheap and scratchy kind.


You will be exposed to UV rays for sure during a music festival. To avoid sunburn for now and cancer for later, you need sunblock. Adding a sport spray to the mix will prove effective. It comes handy in attending the hard to reach areas in the body.